Sarah Blondin

Artist Statement

The simplest things in life provide us the most nourishment. Being present to the life and energy of every passing moment is a discipline; one that requires a constant child-like observation.

The intent of my work through  the camera’s lens is to capture those tiny nuances, the small sometimes overlooked fractions that encompass the essence of a moment.

The more time we spend awake to our world, the more beauty we are able to see mirroring our own reflection. We often forget how much light is within us. When we begin to look for it outside of ourselves the more we are able to recognize it within.

My art strives to capture those moments when something shook the sleep from my eyes.  Through the documenting of these moments, I am filling my store house of beauty so that I may always remember the purity, innocence, and abundance available to me in every breath.

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