Patricia Eschuk

Artist Statement

Through my life’s work in health care I have developed a multifaceted understanding and appreciation of the human condition. My art practice tends to explore various concepts whose roots stem from this past experience. It addresses emotional, psychological and physical movement and transformations. I seek to explore visual representation of these aspects of our humanity both on a personal level and outside of myself. I am particularly interested in how we are affected and at the same time how we affect the intricate energy web of the world that surrounds and engages us.

I have worked with a variety of mixed media and oil painting. Contrasting from bold and bright to soft and sensitive my work explores the relationship of spaces created through line and form and demonstrates my love of movement. I like to play with various elements such as: rhythm, balance, tension, flow, chaos and stillness. Recently, I have begun to deepen my investigation of movement through playing with space and depth, by layering transparent and opaque glazes and by creating contrasting areas of flatness and depth. I also like the idea of juxtaposition of opposing energies as I find this creates different tensions and sets up interesting dialogues.
An important aim in my art making practice is to engage the viewer and bring them into a deeper experience of my work. I attempt to do this not only by conveying concepts and energies that I hope will captivate their attention, but also through the cinematic, time based, experience of abstract work. I love to incorporate smaller images within the larger whole of a piece of work thus playing with space and memory. The result is multiple experiences within a greater whole, much like our experiences within the world.

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