Pat McCullough

Artist Statement

I have been painting since 1995 and retired in 2010 in order to devote more time to art. I am a member of the Manitoba Society of Artists. I work in both oil and acrylic and my work is often inspired by my travels. I tend towards a loose interpretation of landscapes or figures and try to capture the feeling rather than the actual image.

Totem Masks

This series came about after a trip to Haida Gwaii in northern British Columbia, the land of totem poles, powerful magic and serenity. I am incorporating urban reflections with Haida totem images. They are face masks which allude to birds, animals and humans. At times masks allow us to hide, other times they empower us. Masks can be playful, they can be sorrowful, sometimes powerful, sometimes fearful. Masks can protect us and keep us safe. They allow us to embrace the universal in human experience.

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