Michel Saint Hilaire

Artist Statement

In my artistic practice I work mostly experimenting with acrylic paints, mixed with hard mediums such as pencil, charcoal, pastel on canvas and wood. I am attracted to structure and patterns.  Currently I am studying the aesthetics of architecture upon our landscapes, the imperfections and the continuous changes that occur around me.

There is always prosperity in my work as there is also destruction. I want to convey the reality that we as a species enjoy triumph and victory, vitality and creativity. But we also live to see all of this crumble and get dismantled.

There is a sense of possibility and revitalization when I see new construction or renovation projects.   It seems to introduce a promise of a better future and a more advanced civilization.

The additional layering of pencils over the fluidity of paint seems to exaggerate the underlying rhythm of the structured landscape.  Angles and lines guide us forward towards a new purpose, but also suggests a manipulated landscape. Environmental issues become apparent when the intrusive human strains his/her resources.

I am constantly amazed by our creations. Many artworks have been extremely influential and sometimes their themes and subjects are represented in my work. I am inspired by such artists as architect Frank Lloyd Wright, photographer Edward Burtynsky and painters Yvan Eyre and Mary Iverson.  These artists often convey a similar message in their work. They each have a strong sense of draftsmanship and an understanding of beauty in architecture and pattern.

I absorb the environment that surrounds me.  I strive to convey the ebb and flow of humans onto a canvas.  Sensations such as hearing, vision, are translated onto the surface with diverse mediums often painting with abrupt movements to convey rhythm and continuous repetition. These repetitious details stir my imagination and introduce a complex symphonic visual. Horizons become obstructed with structure. These layers and patterns are metaphorical in design; they may symbolize a series of notes in a song, steps in a dance… the eternal in us.

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