Katharine Bruce

Artist Statement

Katharine Bruce is an artist, a painter, who imbues her works with creative energy… a life force that is very special, a kinetic ism flowing through her hands to canvas and to our eyes, and finally direct to our soul. It has been established in the past that her personality has much to do with her art expression and her life style… an understatement which requires deeper explication. In her work over the years she has expressed herself from varying points view – abstracts, landscapes, and architectural/urban interpretive works.

Impelling her is her zest for living life at a heightened level of physical, intellectual and spiritual intensity. This is basic to Katharine’s talent in that it fuels both her media and her types of artistic expression on canvas . She is a healing force unto herself not merely for her self, but also for the well-being of others; friends, students and art aficionados through her powerful sharing of an empathic experience that simultaneously informs her personal and artistic identity while generating an immediacy that serves to inform her work, her choice of media and her chosen subject matter.

Now residing in Holmfield, Manitoba during the summer months and San Miguel Mexico in the winter, Katharine’s art reveals that she has entered a new stage, an arena of fresh self-discovery. It appears that she is engaged in a quest, a search whereby her painting is a creative offshoot of her impassioned desire to comprehend the nature of her existence and reality in the setting of British Columbia’s brave new world of fecundity that burgeons from the Pacific, the rain forests, the irrepressible growth and beauty of flowers and trees- and especially of the people who inhabit this region. It is in the eyes of human beings that her artistic reciprocity is registered. When one looks at her new work there is no sense of stasis; rather there is a almost sub-conscious awareness of experiencing a vision that probes the spirit, evokes curiosity, generates an eager restlessness that is looking for an answer that is almost within reach…

Katharine’s creative self… in the act of seeking and finding, of questing self-discovery… is literally sending us all along the path we deeply wish to follow and are, or should be, always seeking, helping us to hear other echoes that inhabit our world, to find round the corner in a place and in a way we never thought of before a profound quickening in the blood. Colours, tones, complex imagery, technical mastery are her tools of trade but the informing quick of the work of art as it hangs in view on the wall, emanates from the nature of the artist, Katharine, who wields them.

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