Jean Bachynsky

Artist Statement

Through my chosen medium—-sculpture, I deal with the human figure in all its emotional complexity and physical contradiction. I am passionate about the exploration of contrast from the conception of my ideas to the choice of material and execution of work. I am not interested in simply reproducing a representation of a figure, but rather in making malleable that form, bending and twisting it to convey a sense of motion and emotion through its gesture. Hands and feet especially intrigue me so I magnify those outer reaches, increasing the importance they play to the story of each figure. I explore the human condition with its inherent emotional, physical and sexual contradictions through my focus on androgynous form. I am moved by the juxtaposition of the soft curvilinear human body interpreted into a hard material—stone. Man/Woman as a soft form is captured in a material that implies the opposite. Therefore the choice of stone as a medium is important and I am often drawn to harder rock specimens to express this.

The power imparted into stance and gesture is critical. Balance is paramount. My sculpture is almost always on the large side–I believe this is vital to my approach. I am interested in the contrast of curvilinear elegance with powerful posture and scale. These figures dominate and anchor space.

Light is significant to my creations—and integral to my choice of material. I generate the element of light by penetrating the stone, through finish and in some cases by carving translucent stone. Recently I have been exploring both light and texture through a variety of finishing techniques. The juxtaposition of finish and the lucidity of the stone allows the viewer to see deep into the form while suggesting a skeletal (if lacy and fragile) system.


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