Jane Gateson


In the last 10 years there is a recurring theme in my art. I am using archetypal images, which have always intrigued me, to explore life stages and aspects of the journey of life that are universal to us all.

In my past work, houses have been metaphors for people. Like us, they have an outer structure that all the world can see and an inner life that may be entirely different. Using this idea, my “house” told my outer/inner life story in a series of 22 autobiographical paintings.

Recently I am focusing on dogs, but again, using the dog as a metaphor for explorations about life and universal qualities such as joy, depression, humour, anger, honesty, or faithfulness.

Nature also influences my practice. Nature is a wise teacher and offers both gentle and violent, and often surprising truths about the cycle of life, death and renewal.

I am intrigued by the philosophy of abstract expressionist painter, Joan Mitchell, who wanted to capture the essence of her subject matter, without the literal interpretation of it.  This has led me to consider, for example, how to paint the essence of a specific dog trait in an abstract way.

My art is eclectic in style and also in the media I use. These include acrylics on canvas and paper, acrylic and fabric collage, and cold wax and oil. I enjoy the process of layering and scraping away paint, revealing and hiding images and using the idea of an archetypal likeness to perhaps evoke a memory, emotion or question.

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