Eberhard Renner


People wonder about the world and try to express its essence since thousands of years. Think of the cave paintings in Altamira, an African dance mask, Homer’s Odyssey, or a Haiku by Bashō, to name just a few. Why? Why do we spend time and effort to create apparently useless objects, things that don’t increase our chance to survive and pass on our genes?

I think it is for the magic – or for psycho-hygiene to use a more modern term. By telling a story about the world, by depicting how we see it, we make it follow our rules and are no longer its plaything. Of course, it’s an illusion – magic, an ancient coping mechanism – psycho-hygiene.

OK, that may explain why we express ourselves, but why should others see, read, know about our stumbling attempts? A clumsy try to escape the fact that we are trapped in ourselves?

I do not believe for a minute that my view of the world is the right one or would matter in the big scheme of things. What I try to express will always remain my personal view, my private impression at the time. It may evoke something in you, maybe something entirely different from what I felt, and that’s OK; it’s enough if what I tried to express resonates with you just for a moment.

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