Débora Cardaci

Artist Statement

I create art
because I would cease to exist
if I did not.

As essential as the air that I breathe,
art forms the tangible connection
of my soul to the universe.
It is a reflection of my experience
and a window into my interpretation
of the world around and within me.

My mind overflows with images and ideas.
Through art I am compelled to explore
emotion, expression, motion,
different aspects of existence,
and it is through this creative process
that I seem to dissect reality,
and somehow, grasp it.

I piece together
things that live in me.
Sometimes the journey is steep,
sometimes it’s full of enjoyment,
and the playfulness of my spirit
compels me to create
from a sense of wonder.

My imagination seeks
adventure and challenge
and the actions of painting,
drawing or sculpting
are always never-ending adventures
that take me to places
I have never been.

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