Chris Brown

Artist Statement

I am interested in exploring the energy we perceive in images. Sometimes it is obvious and intense, like a wave crashing onto a rocky shore. Other times it is more subtle, perhaps just one or two lines guiding our perceptions. A first glance reveals only the objects in a work of art. Often I remove these easily identifiable objects because it is not what I want the viewer to see. Long, quiet moments with abstract elements uncover much more: relationships, emotions, insights, not just in the art but in the viewer as well.

For me art is at its best when it uncovers and reflects what is hidden deep inside the viewer. Secrets, forgotten pasts and dreams beyond words are all there just waiting to be pricked into awareness by a vision that mirrors one’s past. Representational art can do this from time to time but quiet meditations with abstract art open up areas of the mind one is rarely aware of.

Artist’s Biography

Chris Brown is an internationally recognized fine arts photographer creating minimal, non-objective and abstract images. Much of his work challenges the viewer to abandon the search for recognizable objects and focus only on the subtle, often hidden impressions created by line and colour alone.


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