Brigitte Dion

Artist Statement

My intent is to link human involvement with landscape. Albeit subtle, the way in which human involvement is incorporated provides a matrix or under painting that is rich in “history” or that of an unassuming presence. The result is a harmonious connection with land rather than one of destructive alteration and over-development.

I frequently venture out, visiting, exploring, and gathering data of my native Manitoba landscape. I live, for short periods of time, in nature and allow myself to become imbued with the beauty and magnificence of nature knowing all the while that I am both a visitor and respectful resident of the environment and I rely on raw experience in the form of memory, to realize these paintings.

My approach is one of stewardship as well as one of documentation. For millennia, artists have visually, and otherwise, recorded their surroundings, their milieu, their experiences of where they live. Similarly, I am creating a series of paintings that will speak of my relationship to the environment, how I am influenced by my surroundings, both rural and urban. My intent is to convey this connection both physically and spiritually by creating landscapes where humans tread softly and come away with a greater respect for their home.

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