Amanda Onchulenko

Artist Statement

I was born on the South Coast of Australia and came to Canada in 1990 after obtaining a bachelor of Art in Art Education from Australia’s Premier Art School with majors in painting and printmaking. I am proud to have become a Canadian citizen on the coldest day of a Manitoba Winter (2006) and equally pleased to have retained the flavor of my immigrant heritage that now expresses itself in my artwork. My Exchange District Studio operates on a duel track system oscillating between Quilt Arts and Painting with color and its relationships as the foundation of all production.

Painting, for me, is the study of relationships where composition and color inform the process. My work is grounded mostly on canvas or board in acrylic. I build my surfaces in layers, often under painting in compliments in an effort to encourage visual reactions between the residual of what is left behind and new additions on the surface. I paint with a print maker’s mindset holding one color at a time in my hand and adding clear colors together to create darks without the use of black.

I am interested in the brushstroke and its ability to describe energy. Negative space intrigues me. Subject varies in its degree of abstraction. It is purely a vehicle for color. Color reactions and relationships create the visual energy that bounces the viewer from one compositional point of departure to another within any given work.

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