Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

Nurses are the backbone of our health system. They are courageous advocates, compassionate leaders and dedicated professionals. They will show you how much they care by holding your hand, while remaining steadfast and strong, to help carry you through an extremely challenging moment in your life. We have all been touched by a Nurse’s kindness, knowledge and strength. We appreciate Nurses everywhere for the outstanding care they provide every day.

That is why it is with great pride we unveil our new logo, branding and website for the Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba

The Association’s role is to speak for RNs across the province, uniting ideas, actions, and innovations. The logo is based on the strong proclamation that the Association is an advocate or “the voice” of Registered Nurses of Manitoba.

The Association’s logo depicts overlapping speech bubbles using transparent colours to show the voices are connecting and collaborative. Each one is speaking to the next, and the final one is speaking for all, as one collective voice. The organic shape feels collaborative and inclusive. The speech bubbles create an encompassing circle, strong unit and support system. The modern look of this logo gives the feeling of progressiveness and a vision for the future. The use of transparencies lends itself to the transparent, open and inclusive nature of the Association.

The speech bubbles represent the three areas of membership – active practising nurses, non-practising nurses and students and while the fourth bubble represents the collective voice, it can also represent another important contributor – the public.